About Our Company

Beneath My Wings Daycare is proud to serve the community of White Plains, NY with quality childcare services. We offer daycare for children in a safe and fun environment. A place to explore and socialize with other children while learning.


Attending a childcare is of great importance to young children without prior experience away from their parents. Beneath My Wings Daycare gives them a wonderful opportunity to prepare for preschool (Pre K) and kindergarten with gentle and loving encouragement.


We keep a flexible schedule and offer after school childcare so you can choose the most convenient times and days for your child.  Throughout the day, there are indoor and outdoor activities and we have nap time scheduled after lunch.


We keep a loving and attentive environment, catering to the individual needs of each child at their particular developmental stage, and we are considered “The Fun House” by children who join us at Beneath My Wings Daycare. We are very proud of our title and we make it a priority, to make every day fun, educational, and rewarding to all.

We also offer infant care in White Plains, NY so give us a call today!



Why Choose Us

  • Reliable and High Quality Service
  • Friendly and Experienced Teachers
  • Night and Weekend Babysitters Available


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